While sitting out his contract with WLS-FM in Chicago, Murphy received a call from Fairbanks Broadcasting in Florida with an intriguing proposition. Would he be interested in coming down to Palm Beach to take over the morning show at WRMF? The answer? He was; and he did. 


Packing up his convertible, he headed for the land of palm trees and endless summers. Intending to stay just a short time, he wound up spending over three years in this idyllic setting. In this fairly staid radio market, Murphy's style stepped a little outside the parameters of what people were accustomed to, but teamed with market veteran Lindy Rome, (and producers Rocky Borden, Jason Tucker, and Cheryl Andes), he soon won over even the most reluctant listeners. 


His daily closing line, "Take a kid fishing" soon developed into deep sea fishing excursions for underprivileged children, and it was here that Murphy began making the rounds of elementary schools, reading to the children - a practice he was to continue even after he left radio. 

He became well known in the community and on the radio, and might have stayed had it not have been for another one of those phone calls. An old friend with whom he had worked at WAYS in Charlotte, was starting up a new station in Chicago (WXXY) with studios on Michigan Avenue. Would he be interested in moving back to Chicago and doing the morning show? Another answer in the affirmative, and after remaining a few extra months on the air in Florida (while WRMF found a new morning personality), Murphy headed back to his home in Chicago (he never sold his condo there), and began as morning personality on WXXY at the beginning of 1999.




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