Your wit, wisdom and commentary on current events, as well as memories of your childhood are so in sync with mine. Thank you for all the laughter and good times you have brought into my life.
-Michelle Peterson


You are EXCELLENT! You bring humor, enjoyment and thought provoking topics to your listeners, while never crossing the line between truly funny adult humor and bad taste. Other DJs should try to emulate you - doing so would definitely increase the quality of Chicago radio. Thank you for your artful work.
-Dana Kaempen


It is truly refreshing that the funniest and most talented personalities on the radio can be clean AND intelligent! God Bless You.
-Jeff Heidrich


Your wit is the only reason I listen. Chicago radio would become a wasteland without your contribution.
-Donna Ryter


I appreciate your intellectual side - I can't stand being talked down to by stupid DJs.
-Katy Oldham


I look forward to getting up and going to work because I have someone enjoyable to listen to, who started my day with laughter, no matter how bad a mood I might be in. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
-Beth Bradley


Your improvisational wit and humor is far superior to anybody else on the radio.
-Mike Jurisch


I have come to love your show and your distinctive, sultry voice. I find your wit and insightful stories to be enlightening.
-LaTasha Gardner


In my mind, you were always the standard by which funny morning men were to be judged.
-Will Philpot


There seems to be a good chemistry among all of you and a sense of comfort that you give your listeners. I too have been guilty of laughing while stopped at a red light and receiving funny looks from the other drivers.
-Natalie Uyeno


Please return to your loyal listeners in Chicago. I know Florida cannot appreciate you as much - you're far too intellectual for people who can't figure out how to vote.
-Beth Eany


I've been an avid listener going back forever. I'm pushing 60 and still prefer your brand of humor and extreme quick wit over anything that's on the air. I think you are a fine talent.
-Eddie Carlson


While Dahl and Brandmeier were funny in their own right, there was a level of "smartness;" of intellectual humor in a lot of (your) material that I think they know they shouldn't even bother to attempt for fear of looking like Murphy wannabes.
-Randy Volz 


You are the only DJ I like. You aren't phony and annoyingly bubbly like those yuppies on 101.9 and your show isn't full of tired bits like those on 94.7 and 105.9.
-Peggy Holndoner


You are, bar none, the most entertaining DJ I have ever listened to. You brightened our days. You challenged us. You stimulated us. You entertained us. And you clearly heightened the intelligence quotient.
-Jane McGuiness


I consider broadcasters of your caliber to be a vanishing generation - you always managed to make me laugh without ever putting common decency aside.
-Rich Wong

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